Informing marketing plans – Business’ Perceptions of Teeside University

Teeside University required research to inform development of an approach to business marketing, positioning the university as one that will help businesses to potentially improve their competitiveness, by providing a unique combination of innovation, facilities and inspiration.

Qa initially conducted research in 2013 (in partnership with TBR) to explore business use of support services provided by the University. We repeated the survey in 2014 to monitor any changes in businesses perceptions.

Conducting the research

Qa undertook a telephone survey of 300 regional businesses in order to measure and evaluate their perceptions of Teesside University and their potential demand for services offered by the University.

Businesses were sampled directly from the Trends Central Resource (TCR) database maintained by TBR. The sample was stratified by location, business size and sector. To ensure it was relevant to the services the University provides, sectors of priority to the University and aligned to its specialisms were oversampled. A pilot ensured the questionnaire was easily understood by businesses and that the language and questions worked as anticipated.

Calls were conducted by Qa’s in-house contact centre using our CATI software, which enables interviewers to arrange a convenient time for the right contact within the business to participate in the survey.


The results of the survey were analysed by Qa and a full written report was produced by Qa with additional input by TBR. Regression analysis was used to identify factors likely to motivate businesses to commission Teeside University and GIS mapping software was used to illustrate geographic variances in businesses response.

The researcher said: “We’re pleased that the University has been able to use the 2014 research to develop its marketing strategy and to help develop and launch The Forge, and that we have been commissioned to undertake a repeat business perceptions survey in 2016.” Michael Fountain, Research Director


Michael Fountain Research Director at Qa for more information: 01904 632039