International Perceptions Survey research

Perceptions of Manchester before…

Since the 2003 launch of Destination Manchester (a five-year tourism strategy) there has been a significant increase in the number of overseas visitors to the city. In 2008, as the five-year period came to an end, it was decided to measure perceptions of overseas visitors and to compare the results with benchmark research conducted in 2004.

Research objectives and methodology

Qa were asked to measure the perceptions of Manchester as a destination amongst the overseas market and how these have changed since the 2004 baseline study. To meet this aim, a number of research objectives were identified, including:

  • Quantifying the number and frequency of visits to Manchester, other UK cities and the UK
  • Understanding perceptions of and associations with Manchester
  • Assessing whether or not there were any differences in the perceived strengths and weaknesses of Manchester compared to those listed in the strategy
  • Considering perceived important elements of an international city break
  • Judging the overall opinion of Manchester as a city break destination
  • Gauging the potential for future visits
  • Gathering demographic details (i.e. age, gender, children etc)

Using a mix of quantitative telephone and online research a total of 1800 surveys were conducted, with 600 completions respectively in Spain, Germany and the USA.

… and after

Marketing Manchester now has detailed and robust data on perceptions of Manchester from three of its target audience countries. It can also compare this data with previous findings to assess the extent of any changes overtime before planning and implementing any post-Destination Manchester strategies.

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