Local Economic Assessment policy statement launched

County councils and unitary authorities are now one step closer to beginning the formal assessment of economic conditions in their areas.

The Local Economic Assessment policy statement issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government calls for greater engagement with businesses, social enterprises and a range of local stakeholders.

The policy statement sets out a number of what it calls “broad principles” which should be applied if assessments are to work:

  • Identify the economic linkages between the urban and rural economies and the area of the assessment and the wider economy
  • Investigate the comparative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the local economy. Analysis could include both qualitative as well as quantitative evidence
  • Review the key ways in which local authorities and their partners influence local economic development and their impact
  • Review the regeneration challenges of the area
  • Analyse causes of worklessness
  • Consider the impact of local economic development on the environment, and how the local economy will be affected by the transition to a low-carbon economy

Qa will soon have a briefing paper on Local Economic Assessments available for download on this site. For more information call Nick Williams, Head of Business and Enterprise, on 01904 632039 or e-mail nick.williams@qaresearch.co.uk