Business Surveys for the London Borough of Camden

Camden Business Surveys 2012 and 2014

During the autumn of 2014 in collaboration with TBR consulting, Qa Research was commissioned to provide a repeat of Camden’s 2012 business survey that aimed to better understand the needs and satisfaction of businesses based within the Borough.


The survey was completed via Qa’s telephone contact centre using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). In order to encourage participation and improve the quality of the outputs, Qa refined the 2014 questionnaire by reducing its length and enabling the Council to focus on the key questions that they needed to help take them forward. A total of 402 surveys were completed which was consistent with the 2012 survey.


Once the survey was complete, our in-house analysts produced data frequency tables including a series of cross tabulations to help uncover more detailed insight in to certain sub categories. For example, we revealed how smaller businesses’ opinions compared with medium and large businesses.

TBR then worked with our data tables to produce a report providing recommendations on what could be done by the Council to help businesses grow and also remove any barriers to growth in the area.


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