Marketing Manchester Group Travel Research

Examining the value of the local market 

Research conducted by Qa in 2009 put the estimated value of the national Group Travel market at £142m. Using a similar research methodology Qa can also assess the value of this market at a regional or local level.

Group Travel in Greater Manchester

Visit Manchester asked Qa to evaluate the effectiveness of the various methods of communication used to target the Group Travel market.

Using a combination of quantitative and online research (400 respondents) and in-depth interviews with nine GTO visitors who had visited Greater Manchester in the previous 12 months and nine who had not, we:

  • evaluated the effectiveness of the current group travel campaign by reach, conversion rate and value
  • investigated perceptions and actual experiences to measure the success of Greater Manchester as a groups destination
  • looked at and reported back on trends in behaviour in researching and selecting destinations over the last 3 to 4 years

Using Group Travel research findings

Our report outlined key group travel trends since the launch of the first National Group Travel Report in 1997 and gave Visit Manchester a robust understanding of the effectiveness of the different group travel campaign elements such as the Group Travel Guide 2008, e-bulletins and the Great Days Out Fair.

It also helped to determine the ROI of the individual campaign elements and offered a series of actionable recommendations which will aid strategy development at Visit Manchester.

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