Membership association research

Tackling lapsed membership numbers

Membership associations rely on their members for funding, advice and their active commitment to a professional body or leisure pursuit. When memberships are not renewed and numbers fall, questions about the behaviour and motives of ex-members can be answered through research.

The Ramblers’ Association

Britain’s biggest walking charity was losing a proportion of members each year through lapsed memberships. The Association contacted Qa to help them understand why members fail to renew their memberships and what could have been done to avert this decision.

400 lapsed members were contacted by telephone to:

  • Profile lapsed members (age / life-stage, location, social grade, and the type of rambler they see themselves as)
  • Identify their reasons for joining the Association
  • Assess the perceived benefits of membership
  • Measure how long each individual was a member and the frequency of their walking with local Rambler groups and separately
  • Identify their reasons for not renewing their membership
  • Ask what the Association could have done to have stopped lapsed members from not renewing their membership
  • Test the impact of potential retention ideas

An aid to membership retention

Now the Ramblers’ Association has a robust understanding of why lapsed members are not renewing their membership. Qa also provided recommendations to guide future retention strategies, information which will prove particularly useful when targeting the large minority of ex-members who remain supportive of the Association.

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