Mystery Customer Enquirer Research

The need to test how enquiries are handled

Mystery caller research enables healthcare organisations to test whether call handlers are dealing with enquiries in the most effective manner.

Outcomes of such research provides healthcare organisations with details on what training may need to be provided to call handlers in order to improve ‘enquiry to customer’ conversion rates.

Calling enquiry handlers to test competences

Qa has monitored and evaluated customer service levels with private health care enquiry handlers for a number of private sector healthcare providers.

Using our in-house telephone research centre we contact call handlers as potential customers and test their performance against a set of pre-agreed criteria.

We work with the healthcare organisation to agree a range of different types of potential customer to pose as before we call. This way we are able to feedback the extent to which call handlers are better at dealing with certain customer types than others.

Call handlers’ performance can vary from dealing with potential customers with different health conditions. This can therefore reveal a lack of awarness of certain health condictions and a need for traning to be undertaken.

Creating staff perfomance bencmarks for future tracking 

Our reports have provided recommendations to private scetor healthcare organisations on how customer service levels could be improved and where there may be requirements for additional staff training.

The data is used to benchmark and track future staff performance.