Mystery Customer evaluation research

Evaluating the quality and efficiency of your training 

If you employ telesales staff you expect them to professionally promote your product or services, particularly if you have invested your money and time training them up. One of the most effective ways to test their performance is through mystery calls.

Testing whether the supplier is meeting your needs

When a previous evaluation raised doubts about their quality, Best Western embarked on a new training programme involving its supplier’s telesales staff. The decision was then taken to investigate through a programme of mystery calls how staff were presenting the Best Western offer.

Qa conducted 25 mystery calls under a number of legitimate guises (for example, a young couple booking a city break or an older couple searching for information on London theatre weekends).

Objectives of the research included:

  • Investigating the extent to which Best Western Hotels were recommended first amongst a number of other hotels at various UK destinations
  • Assessing whether Best Western was presented in a positive and fair sense against its competitors
  • Revealing the reasons why various hotels were recommended and others were not

Informing future training

The conclusions and recommendations from our final report gave Best Western the opportunity to change how its supplier’s staff work and to compete more effectively in a demanding marketplace.

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