Mystery shopping research for South Devon College

Making a good first impression 

When callers contact your organisation you want to be sure their call is answered quickly and dealt with in a professional manner. One of the ways you can check whether this is happening is through mystery shopping research.

Organising and managing mystery shopping research

South Devon College commissioned Qa to undertake a mystery shopping exercise which tested:

  • speed and quality of response
  • the tone of the individual answering the call
  • the extent and nature of any follow-up
  • whether the response met caller expectations

Qa and the college agreed a number of principles which would guide the conduct of the research:

  • realistic scenarios involving a question or issue the caller had little or no information on were created for every individual mystery call
  • every effort was made to ensure mystery shoppers could not be identified
  • calls were carried out from 8.30am – 5.30 pm to get a picture of the service provided throughout the day
  • finally, callers were given identical scripts and rating scales which enabled the mystery shopping to be completed and measured consistently

Comparing the results over time

The results from our research were compared with those from the previous two years. This information gives South Devon College the opportunity to assess the quality of its call handling and to implement new policies where improvements in performance are required.

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