National out of school trips research

A national research study on teachers and out of school trips is now available from Qa Research.

The research raises a number of questions for education policy makers, teachers, attractions and destinations, and wider society, including:

  • To what extent are red tape and risk assessment paperwork inhibiting teachers from organising school trips?
  • How do we tackle the inequality of opportunity between schools able to organise trips and those which are not?
  • Is risk-averse Britain holding our children and young people back?

400 teachers from independent and state primary and secondary schools answered questions about barriers to organising trips; their awareness of government initiatives; the most influential marketing sources; and the most popular types of venues for trips.

According to the survey, a large majority of teachers say out of school trips are valuable educational experiences.

There is also universal agreement that pupil safety is of paramount importance.

However, nearly one half of all teachers who responded to the online survey cited risk assessment paperwork or other admin as a barrier to organising trips.

Other findings suggest a government initiative designed to improve the educational experience may not be reaching teachers.

And venues which adopt a one-size-fits-all mentality to schools may need to rethink this approach.

Available now at downloads, the free report includes an executive summary, findings and recommendations for policy makers, teachers and attractions and destinations.

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