New Product Development Research

Changing Attitudes & Behaviours Towards Recycling & Reusing Water

As a means to leading the way in developing products that would help to minimise the amount over water consumed in the region, Severn Trent Water were considering a product that would help customers recycle water and reuse it within the home.

Aim of the study

Qa was commissioned to test the typical behaviours and attitude of STW’s customers towards recycling water and the likely appeal of taking-up a new product that would help them to do so.

Mixed method applied

We applied a multi-method approach to the research, which included 2,000 online surveys of customers to identify levels of ‘greenness’ using MOSAIC green segments; price point modelling analysis; 12 in-depth face-to-face customer interviews and discourse analysis to establish cultural influences on customer attitudes.

The key benefit of this multi-staged approach was that we were able to get closer and closer to identifying the most likely adopters of the product in a step-by-step way. Specifically, the online survey revealed key segments to target for the in-depth interviews and these interviews allowed us to establish deeper insight as to why the product was appealing, why it may be taken-up and any barriers preventing this; the discourse analysis then went a stage further to establish main messages that would need to be considered in order to persuade customers to invest.

Key outputs

We provided recommendations on where to refine the product to increase appeal to the widest customer base; how to set appropriate pricing levels; key communication channels and formats to adopt; and specific use of language in communications which would be most likely to appeal to residents in the region.
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