Parental Research in Tameside

Persuading parents to open up

Children’s centres and extended services require an understanding of parental needs if they are to develop and grow. Research is a very effective way to gauge these needs and to begin the process of creating new or alternative services.

Conducting research with parents

Tameside MBC asked QA to consult with parents about their awareness, use, and satisfaction with childcare and services provided by children’s centres and extended services.
Within this overall aim we were also expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Measure parents’ understanding of and satisfaction levels with existing services
  • Measure parents’ understanding and take up of early education
  • Evaluate satisfaction with the current services
  • Identify gaps in service and information provision
  • Establish the profile of parents and their children

889 surveys were completed with parents of children aged 0 – 16. This research was predominantly completed via telephone although face to face interviewing was also used to achieve specific quotas by area and age group.

Promoting service development which meets local needs

The findings and conclusions have given Tameside MBC an excellent platform from which the council can adapt local services to meet the needs of local families.

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