Perception Research for Severn Trent Water

Examining the Context for a Move to Coventry

Severn Trent Water commissioned Qa Research to discover perceptions about the company among the local community, ahead of the company’s planned move to a new central Coventry location. The company particularly wanted to understand:

  • general impressions of Severn Trent Water
  • how the company was perceived as an employer or potential employer
  • how local people’s attitudes about the company differed from their attitudes about other large employers in Coventry
  • whether local people would consider STW as an employer and why or why not
  • what local residents consider makes a good employer and which local employer has the most kudos

 Ensuring Robust Findings

A survey of 400 telephone interviews were completed, When designing the research methodology, Qa ensured a valid, representative sample of the local working-age population was consulted by setting quotas on gender, economic activity and ethnicity.

Looking to the future

Qa was able to report positive findings about TW, including analysis of the effectiveness of STW’s communications strategy which demonstrated the effects of recent media coverage on the company’s image and reputation and showed where there were gaps in the community’s detailed understanding of the company.

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