Providing expert advice for research buyers

Commissioning Research was a joint LARIA/LGA event “aimed at those who currently commission research or plan to in the future.” Using the perspective of research consultancies and public sector researchers, the conference aimed to:

  • identify what makes a good research brief / invitation to tender
  • agree the best ways to select the right provider for research services
  • examine how a long term relationship with a supplier can be built
  • provide practical management tips for large scale projects
  • explain the legal and technical aspects of tendering

An interactive workshop led by Qa’s Millie Ostlere explored best practice questions to add to a brief. Examples included:

  • asking about reporting standards and what to expect from a report
  • investigating the skills of individuals you could be working with
  • assessing the reliability and experience of potential suppliers
  • looking for evidence of the potential supplier’s contingency and risk management skills

For more information contact Millie Ostlere on 01904 632039 or

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