Qa attends labour market diversity conference

Business and public policy professionals from across Europe recently gathered together for a labour market diversity conference in Prague.

Delegates heard presentations from leading European employers (including IKEA, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola and GE) about how they were meeting labour market challenges.

A delegation from Qa Research also attended as part of the evaluation of the EQUAL Common Ground partnership. The Partnership aims to tackle exclusion by developing new and more inclusive labour market policies.

The evaluation will explore the impacts of the Common Ground Partnership and provide recommendations for future activity aimed at inclusion. Qa is currently collaborating on the transnational elements of the evaluation with partners in Stockholm, Prague and Vienna.

Paul Rhodes, Research Team Director at Qa, said: “The conference offered excellent opportunities to discuss the Common Ground partnership with our colleagues from Sweden, the Czech Republic and Austria, and to learn how labour market challenges are being met around Europe. It will be interesting to see how the learning gained can be applied to policy and practise in the UK and what the impacts will be.”

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