Qa awarded employer research contract

The Young People’s Enterprise Forum (YPEF) has chosen Qa to conduct a large telephone research project with employers.

The Forum’s vision is to make Yorkshire and Humber the leading region in the UK for Enterprise Education. To help meet this objective, 400 CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) surveys will explore:

  • The current and future skills needs of employers
  • Perceptions of young people’s skills and readiness for work
  • Perceptions of enterprise education
  • How employers can become more involved in enterprise education

Focus groups with employers and individuals involved in delivering enterprise education will also take place. These groups will explore how an employer engagement strategy can be effectively implemented and delivered.

Understanding the skills needs of businesses and their attitudes to enterprise education will help the Young People’s Enterprise Forum devise an effective employer engagement strategy.

For more information on our enterprise education research services contact Nick Williams, Head of Business and Enterprise, on 01904 632039 or by