Qa discusses police shootings on the BBC

Qa Research’s Managing Director, Richard Bryan was interviewed by Ellie Fiorentini on BBC Radio York last night to provide views towards public reaction following the murders of the Manchester police officers.

Ellie was interested in hearing Qa’s opinion as many of the projects we have undertaken over the last decade and beyond have included the subject of crime and violent crime.

When asked what should be done in response to the tragedy Richard felt there needed to be further debate about the causes of violent crime and how this could be tackled to prevent such incidents happening again.

Ellie cited the fact that many people reading and hearing about the shootings were angry, with some calling for police officers to be armed in order to protect themselves.

Richard felt this might lead to a”fighting fire with fire” situation and, “could escalate the probelm.”

To hear the full interview click on the following link and drag to 2.09.30: