Qa helps define growth ambitions amongst SMEs

Two surveys completed by Qa Research amongst SMEs have helped the Government’s Business Innovation and Skills Department (BIS) to understand how growth ambition changes amongst smaller companies over time.

The surveys helped determine what influences change, as well as exploring the relationship between ambition and business performance.

A survey of 1,250 SMEs was carried out by Qa in 2012 to measure levels of growth ambition and to understand how businesses actually define growth and to establish their attitudes towards achieving growth. A follow-up survey amongst 500 of the original 1,250 SMEs was completed in late 2014 to enable changes over time to be evaluated.

The work was undertaken in conjunction with TBR in partnership with Professor Jonathan Levie of the University of Strathclyde and Dr Ron Botham, an independent consultant. An interim report of the findings can be viewed here.

To find out more about the study please contact or call 01904 632039.