Qa MD meets David Cameron at No.10

Richard Bryan met the Prime Minister in London today as the next stage of the National Citizen Service (NCS) was launched.

The invitation was the result of his direct involvement in the development of this new high-profile government policy.

A two-month summer programme for 16-year olds, NCS is intended to bring young people from different backgrounds together to carry out community and volunteering work.

Qa has a successful track record of researching the views of young people during the last 15 years and received national recognition with an award for helping to change Government policy towards young offenders in 2008.

More recently, this knowledge of young people’s views has shaped the NCS vision of “a rite of passage for all sixteen year olds in Britain”, one which binds them together and promotes the idea of “a shared experience”.

Speaking at today’s event Prime Minister David Cameron said “There are things in government you have to do, such as cutting budgets, and there are things you want to do. The National Citizen Service is something I want to do.”

After the event Richard said, “It was a privilege to be involved in the creation and development of this policy. There is a clear focus here to give young people a chance to be an active part of the community and build lasting relationships that will be crucial in their transition to adulthood.”

For more on the NCS programme go to: Conservatives launch plans for a National Citizen Service