Qa presents at Scottish Parliament

Qa Research and researchers from the University of Glasgow presented findings of the Roots of Empathy Programme Evaluation at Scottish Parliament at Holyrood on 14th December to a packed room full of educational psychologists, local authorities, members of Scottish government, mums and their babies.

Why babies attended Scottish parliament

Babies attended the event as they play a central role in the Roots of Empathy programme as tiny teachers, going into school every three weeks with their parent(s) with the aim of teaching children empathy. Developing an understanding of how the baby is feeling helps the children to understand their own feelings and those of their classmates.

Qa’s track record of engaging children and schools in research as well as our experience of working in partnership with other organisations led Action for Children to commission us as lead partner to deliver an evaluation of how well the Roots of Empathy Programme works for young children aged five to eight.

Effective partnership key to success

Julie Wrigley and Kerry Watson from Qa and Dr Dely Elliott and Dr Kara Makara, from the MSc Psychological Studies team, within the School of Education at The University of Glasgow have collaborated closely over the past 15 months to deliver the evaluation which proved to be a highly effective partnership.

Qa researched the views of primary school pupils, teachers, head teachers, local authority staff and parents. The University of Glasgow then carried out mediation analysis, culminating in a jointly authored report and presentation.

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