Qa secure NHS contract

NHS Leeds has chosen Qa Research to recruit and manage a deliberative event with the general public in Leeds.

The event is designed to help NHS Leeds finalise the clinical prioritisation framework by providing an assessment of the perspective of residents.

The research will also help to up-skill NHS Leeds staff to enable them to conduct further research themselves, particularly amongst harder-to-reach groups.

Key outcomes of the study include:

  • A robust evaluation of the views of Leeds residents to the development of the framework
  • A thorough investigation of the issues surrounding the implementation of the framework in practice using scenarios
  • A lasting legacy of skills and experience amongst NHS Staff (including AQA accreditation) that can be used to conduct further research amongst key sub-groups.

Qa will be using a range of innovative techniques to allow residents to express their views in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Two minute video vox pops
  • Thought sharing and ideas lounge
  • Facebook and Twitter follow-up forums

For more details of our deliberative research events or other community based research services call Michael Fountain on 01904 632039 or