Qa secures NCMA contract

Qa Research has been commissioned by the National Childminding Association (NCMA) to conduct qualitative research to inform the design and development of peer support networks for registered childminders and nannies.

While NCMA has previous experience of successfully providing quality improvement schemes for childminders, they are keen that this research should renew and extend their understanding of childminders’ and nannies’ requirements from networks and to explore the full range of options for delivery.

To achieve this aim Qa will be moderating 8 focus groups with childminders and 4 with nannies. We will report more specifically on:

  • Key issues that childminders and nannies currently face and what they most need support with
  • What motivates them to improve their quality of practice
  • What would attract them to childminding/nannying and help to make them stay in the profession
  • Expectations of childminders, nannies and other stakeholders from a peer-led member network
  • Appropriate methods of communication and interaction between the network and members
  • Products, services and development opportunities that might be provided to members
  • Services childminders and nannies might deliver through the network
  • Networks’ relationship with relevant partner organisations and quality improvement schemes

If you would like to know more about our research expertise in the children and young people arena please contact Becky Gulc on 01904 632039 or