Qa to conduct BME parks research

Following our evaluation of the Mosaic pilot scheme for the Campaign for National Parks (CNP) in 2008, Qa has been asked to conduct baseline research on Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) participation in national parks activity.

Qualitative and quantitative research will be conducted with National Parks (NP), the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) and the CNP.

Research objectives include:

  • Measuring the percentage of BME visitors to each National Park and YHA accommodation
  • Assessing the business plans and corporate priorities of each NP, the YHA and the CNP
  • Identifying what these organisations are saying about BME engagement and how they plan to reach out to BME communities
  • Measuring the level of contact and strength of relationships with BME community groups and community leaders
  • Capturing the level of the Equalities Standards for Local Government 1 each NP has reached
  • Identifying the number of individual BMEs on NPA, YHA and CNP decision making bodies and assessing their influence

The research findings will provide detailed evidence to help CNP assess the success of the Mosaic programme in 2012 and encourage its partners to further develop their relationships with ethnic minority audiences.

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