Qa to conduct council employee satisfaction survey

Slough Borough Council has awarded its 2009 Employee Satisfaction Survey contract to Qa.

The overall aim of the research is to identify and explore the issues which are important to staff and to measure progress in raising workplace satisfaction over the last 2 years.

More specifically, we will:

  • measure employee satisfaction amongst a robust sample of SBC employees
  • maximise the quality, depth and honesty of responses by emphasising confidentiality
  • examine how employees perceive their job
  • identify the key drivers of satisfaction
  • provide findings that can be evaluated at service area level

To make this research work Qa will apply a number of principles which we believe should be central to any staff satisfaction survey:

  • confidentiality will be stressed at all times
  • individual respondents will not be identified
  • the survey will be promoted as widely as possible to ensure all staff are aware of it and how they can participate
  • the findings should be disseminated so staff can see that their efforts are appreciated

Respondents will have the choice of postal or online surveys, a mixed methodology approach we have used before to maximise the number of returns.

The results will help inform the development of Slough Borough Council’s human resource policies over the coming years.

For more information on our employee satisfaction research services contact Becki Jarvis on 01904 632039 or e-mail