Qa to conduct potential audience research for Renaissance East Midlands

In 2007 Qa conducted audience development research to identify the quantity and profile of potential visitors to Lincolnshire museums.

Renaissance East Midlands has now commissioned Qa to conduct follow up audience development research on behalf of three specific museums in East Lincolnshire.

This second phase will determine the exact barriers potential visitor groups face when considering a museum visit.

Three heritage sites at Ayscoughfee Hall, Church Farm Museum and Tattershall Castle will host dedicated “museum days” where potential visitors talk about their experiences during focus groups.

An initial one-hour focus group will be followed by a two-hour tour of the museum. Participants then return for another one-hour discussion to discuss their experiences and perceptions.

This qualitative research is expected to inform future marketing and audience development strategies.

For more information on our audience research services contact Kathrin Tennstedt on 01904 632039 or e-mail