Qa to conduct Social Care and Community Transport Review

Bracknell Forest Council has asked Qa to review its social care and community transport facilities by conducting research with users, council staff, adult carers and local volunteers.

Since access to life opportunities is difficult enough without transport or other ways to get around, the aim is to ensure current social care and transport services begin to meet local needs.

Using postal surveys, interviews and focus groups Qa will:

  • review and evaluate current awareness, usage and satisfaction with the existing Community and Social transport service
  • establish how far the current service meets the needs of the community
  • identify ways the service can be improved

The review and report containing service development recommendations will be completed by early 2009. This information will allow Bracknell Forest Council to reshape local transport services in line with the needs of users and providers.

To find out more call Shonagh Cooper on 01904 632039 or