Qa to survey homeless people for Crisis and Sheffield Hallam University

Qa Research has been commissioned by Crisis and Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR), to conduct a face to face survey of homeless people across England and Scotland.

The survey will feed in to a larger study being delivered by CRESR looking at the incidence and impacts experienced by homeless people when receiving a benefits sanction. The survey will also help to calculate the proportion of homeless people that have actually received benefit sanctions.

In order to collect the data our highly trained interviewers will attend hostels and day centers / shelters across multiple locations across the two nations to undertake the survey with homeless people.

Highly skilled interviewers deployed

The interviewers selected to work on this project are chosen for their ability to engage with individuals in challenging circumstances on topics of great sensitivity.

Such skills and expertise will ensure the target respondents feel engaged in the process and able to answer openly and honestly so that the data is a true reflection of their experiences.

Impact of benefit sanctions identified

We will be completing a total of 1,000 interviews with questions covering the following:

  • Range of benefits claimed now and previously
  • Reasons for not claiming certain benefits
  • Experiences and perceptions of claiming benefits
  • Barriers to accessing benefits
  • Experiences and perceptions of being sanctioned
  • How sanctions impacted individuals

The survey will be conducted during February and March 2015 and a report produced by CRESR before the General Election in May.

If you would like to know more about this study or others that we’ve conducted with people with Multiple and Complex Needs, contact or call 01904 632039

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