Qa to survey Lancashire childminders

Lancashire County Council has asked Qa Research to conduct telephone and online surveys with parents as well as childminders in the area.

The aim of the parent survey is to explore:

  • Perceptions of childminders
  • Barriers and triggers to using childminders
  • Opinions on providing Free Early Years Entitlement (FEYE) for 2 year olds via childminders

 The aim of the childminder survey is to explore:

  • What support might be required to encourage more parents to choose childminders’ services
  • How a greater understanding of the role of childminders can be encouraged
  • Levels of awareness of “FEYE 2” amongst childminders
  • What support childminders might need in order to be able to offer this

Our report will inform the future of childminder support across Lancashire and help the authority to plan FEYE places going forward.

For further information contact Becky Gulc on 01904 632039 or