Qa to undertake multi stage study for Newcastle University



Qa Research has been commissioned by the School of Dental Sciences at the University of Newcastle to undertake surveying work to support a multi-stage study on willingness to pay for dental services.

The research aims to bring health economics tools to national NHS dental policy making and as such will have a direct impact on care delivered every day in thousands of dental surgeries across the UK and beyond.

The multistage study will consist of 4 surveys undertaken over the course of c.18 months, in 50 locations across the UK.

The proposed target sample has been designed to ensure we get an excellent geographical spread of respondents and that we include those living in rural as well as urban areas. It is also demographically representative and adjusted to account for varying rates of attrition.

Our approach draws on our experience of free finding respondents, encouraging their commitment to taking part in more than one survey and guiding them through more complex questions, such as the willingness to pay tasks included in this survey.

Respondents will have the option of taking part face to face or online, whichever suits them best. Our use of ASKIA software for interviewing allows survey completions from face to face and online methods to be easily combined into a single data set for analysis.

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