Qa to undertake survey of Affinity Sutton’s residents

affinity_suttonQa has been commissioned by Affinity Sutton to undertake their annual residents’ survey for the second year running. We’ll be exploring residents’ attitudes, aspirations and experience of Affinity Sutton services.

One of the largest housing associations in the country, Affinity Sutton provides 57,000 homes across England housing over 160,000 residents. We will undertake 1,000 telephone interviews with residents during June and July via our in-house contact centre.

The data will inform Affinity Sutton of the attitudes, aspirations, and experience of their tenants by providing representative and robust data that can be compared against findings from previous years.

The data will be used to ensure residents are provided with the services that properly meet their needs. Data collected in 2014 revealed that tenants accessed Affinity Sutton’s website more that year than in any other, so the housing association invested in the website to improve residents’ online experience.

Qa and Affinity Sutton have a well established and effective relationship having worked together on numerous occasions. In addition to the 2015 and 2014 residents’ surveys, we delivered the 2012 Communications Research and Under-occupancy Tenant Consultation. The latter study led Qa to being nominated for the MRS Award for Data Collection.

More details of the 2015 Affinity Sutton residents’ survey can be found on Affinity Sutton’s website;


For more information contact or call 01904 632039