Qa wins Community Cohesion research contract

Derbyshire County Council has awarded a contract to carry out community cohesion research to Qa.

As the county is in the bottom quartile for community cohesion compared to other County Council areas as measured by National Indicator 1: % of people who think that people from different backgrounds get on well together, the council is undertaking work to help understand what drives community cohesion and how to improve cohesion across the county.

Focus groups will be conducted across the county to:

establish what ‘people from different backgrounds get on well together’ means to them

investigate what residents feel makes communities cohesive or not

identify key drivers and barriers to community cohesion

establish what can be done to improve community cohesion

This community research will give Derbyshire County Council reliable information about residents’ views and help ensure community engagement and cohesion remains a Local Area Agreement priority issue.

For more information on our community research services contact Becki Jarvis on 01904 632039 or by e-mail: