Regional Development Agency awards tourism research contract to Qa

The Yorkshire Regional Visitor Survey 2008 has been awarded to Qa Research.

Now Qa is preparing to launch a major research project lasting twelve months and involving 10,000 face-to-face interviews.

To be conducted on behalf of Yorkshire Forward, the Yorkshire Tourist Board and the county’s six Area Tourism Partnerships, the research aims to evaluate the current experiences and satisfaction levels of visitors to Yorkshire.

Measuring how much Yorkshire’s tourism industry meets the expectations of visitors will be a vital element of future regional marketing strategies.

Organisers also hope the research will safeguard the region’s competitive edge as Yorkshire looks to attract visitors from other parts of the UK and overseas.

Experienced teams of researchers will quiz visitors in each of the six Area Tourism Partnerships across the region.

Key questions for visitors will include:

  • Why they visit Yorkshire and any specific sub-regions
  • How they get here
  • Where they stay and for how long
  • Places they visit during their stay
  • How much they spend

This information will allow regional tourism planners to understand differences in visitor profiles, visitor behaviour and satisfaction ratings at regional, sub-regional and district levels.

Findings and conclusions provided by Qa Research will inform the development of the tourism industry in Yorkshire and serve as the baseline for future visitor surveys.

For more information on our tourism research services contact Chantal Trembath on 01904 632039 or e-mail