Research into purchasing professionals and their suppliers

Facing up to challenges 

If your staff are under pressure or feel neglected, your business could suffer. That’s why understanding the challenges staff face shouldn’t be seen as just some politically correct game you have to play; in the long run it could help you meet your business objectives.

Investigating how purchasing professionals manage suppliers

TiVA Services Limited (now part of Exor Management Services) commissioned Qa to conduct research into the working lives of purchasing professionals.

Central to the research was the relationship between purchasers and their suppliers. A number of key questions were posed which would get to the heart of this relationship:

  • How many suppliers did they manage?
  • How much did they know about each of their suppliers?
  • Were there any risks in trying to manage suppliers they knew little about?

A total of 302 telephone interviews with purchasing professionals in the UK’s largest organisations were conducted.

Using evidence to inform service delivery

TiVA Services used the findings from the research to advise large organisations and their purchasing professionals on how to manage their suppliers more effectively.

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