Research with young people on sexual health services

Engaging with young people

Persuading young people to engage with sexual health issues is a major public policy challenge. Targeted sexual health research can help you understand their views and create alternative services which meet young people’s needs more effectively.

Rotherham PCT Young People Friendly Accreditation Scheme

This scheme was developed to determine whether health and social support services were meeting the needs of Rotherham’s young people.

Rotherham PCT commissioned QA to gather the views of young people as a first step to involving them in the development of the scheme.

We devised a mixed methodology approach which used face-to-face interviews and focus groups. Using the Sounding Out research network of clubs for 13 – 17 year-olds, young people were first interviewed and then given the opportunity to expand on their views in discussion groups.

In total, 201 young people completed questionnaires which investigated some of the following topics:

  • who they go to the doctors with
  • where they go for advice on sexual health
  • their awareness of sexual health services
  • the appeal of a Young People Friendly logo

Focus groups which explored the issues raised during the interviews at greater length were also conducted.

Providing a platform for change

Rotherham PCT used the findings and recommendations from our report to develop the Young People Friendly Accreditation Scheme in line with young people’s expectations and needs.

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