Researching attitudes and opinions on youth leadership

Encouraging young people to take the lead 

What does ‘youth leadership’ mean to organisations which promote this aspiration and young people who are their target audience? Research conducted for the Prince’s Trust on behalf of the National Body for Youth Leadership (NBYL) consortium set out to find the answer.

National Body for Youth Leadership research

The Prince’s Trust commissioned Qa to undertake research with NBYL partners and young people about their attitudes and opinions towards youth leadership.

In order to achieve this aim, Qa:

  • completed a desk review of published research relating to youth leadership
  • undertook depth interviews with members of the NBYL consortium
  • conducted discussion groups with young people

A total of six depth interviews were undertaken with partners of the NBYL programme; four discussion groups were held, two in London, one in New Hall prison in Wakefield and one in Middlesbrough.

Overcoming barriers to participation

Our final report – which included recommendations for the future development of the NBYL – was used by the Prince’s Trust to develop a definition of youth leadership and to formulate questions for an on-line poll of 1,000 young people.

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The National Body for Youth Leadership is now The Youth of Today