Researching barriers to participation in education and training

Overcoming barriers and widening choice

The Department for Children, School and Families (DCSF) is committed to ensuring young people are participating in education and training and achieving their potential to 18 and beyond. To meet this objective the DCSF needed robust evidence on the barriers facing young people and a greater understanding of how to overcome them.

Providing quantified evidence

Qa were commissioned to conduct large scale quantitative research with young people aged 16 and 17 years old. Over 2000 surveys took place over the telephone.

Surveys with young parents and NEET young people were also completed to ensure representation from those who may face additional barriers; this booster sample was undertaken face to face. The project was conducted in partnership with NfER and Triangle.

Using the results to inform policy making

After our research findings are analysed in depth the DCSF will have an evidence platform which sets out the nature and extent of barriers to and restrictions on post-16 participation. This evidence will enable policy makers to devise new services which overcome barriers and extend choice.

The report is now available at:

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