Reviewing a children’s services model at a London borough

Ensuring you can deliver 

Getting service delivery right is always important, no more so than when it involves early identification of and preventative intervention for children at risk of developing communication and learning needs.

Speech, Language and Communication services under review

In the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) Speech, Language and Communication (SPC) services are delivered through Children’s Centres. The council wanted to know if this existing service model was “efficient, effective and providing the best value for money.”

Qa adopted a qualitative approach to the review. This approach enabled us to gather opinions rather than statistics. Using a qualitative method meant that we were able to probe for people’s views in more depth with regards to the effectiveness of the SPC service. The review included:

  • Six in-depth interviews with senior staff / management involved in co-ordinating the SPC service strategy
  • Two focus groups with lead professionals and practitioners involved in delivering the SPC service at the Children‟s Centres
  • Two focus groups with parents / carers that had or were currently accessing SPC services

Taking the service forward

Our report set out the views of the stakeholder groups consulted and offered conclusions about outcomes for local parents and children, the extent and nature of gaps in service delivery, and how SPC services could be improved.

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