Safe and Secure research evaluation

Helping children and young people achieve their potential

Action for Children is a national charity committed to helping the most vulnerable children and young people achieve their full potential by overcoming injustice, deprivation and inequality. Having established the Safe and Secure Project, the charity commissioned Qa to undertake an external evaluation to assess whether this initiative was meeting its aim of improving the availability of – and access to – therapeutic support services to children who have been sexually abused.

Evaluating a range of initiatives and programmes

In order to complete the research Qa:

  • reviewed existing Safe and Secure literature
  • conducted 18 depth interviews with key stakeholders to establish the impact of the Safe and Secure project and to ascertain to what extent the profile of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) had increased in Action for Children

Looking to the future

Our final report contained a number of conclusions and recommendations for the future development of the Project. For more details e-mail or call 01904 632039