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Health & Social Care

We enable public and private sector health and social care providers to improve patient and community services using a range of techniques.

By tailoring our research methods to suit the needs of patients, the public and stakeholders such as health professionals, we ensure participation is engaging and motivating, leading to high quality data and better outcomes.

Our health and social care research services allow you to:

  • Develop new health and care strategies in collaboration with the public and stakeholders
  • Consult on proposed changes to health and care systems
  • Evaluate and improve care pathways and public health interventions
  • Understand motivations and barriers to accessing health care
  • Explore the impact of health inequalities
  • Refine communications to increase resident and patient engagement
  • Improve experiences of patients and carers

For more information please contact:

Georgina Culliford   Research Manager
01904 632039

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