Severn Trent Water (STW) – Head Office Relocation Project Secured

STW plan to have relocated to Coventry by the end of the year and have commissioned Qa to undertake a piece of research surrounding this.

Qa will conduct research with the aim of speaking to a representative sample of working age residents in Coventry. Assessing the local labour market, local employer’s attitudes towards the company as a whole and individuals as an employer. The research will give STW residents considerations of the company as an employer and reason why respondents would/wouldn’t consider working for SWT.

Research will be done via our in-house contact centre where Qa have capacity for large scale surveys. With nearly 30 interview stations we have the capacity to conduct 40,000-50,000 surveys per year.

Qa look forward to building a strong relationship with STW over the next three years by providing specialist expertise as well as a loyal and trustworthy service.