Sustainability Research

Changing Attitudes to Recycling, Reusing and Using Less

Part of Thames Valley Housing’s Association’s commitment to resident involvement is to ensure tenants know their views are being taken into account and that they are being listened to. To that end, they commissioned Qa Research to explore residents views towards energy and water use / conservation, waste and recycling.

Aims of the research

The aim of the project was to encourage tenants to use less energy and water and generally reuse and recycle disposable waste more often.

Specific objectives were to:

  • Establish property information (type of housing, tenure etc)
  • Understand attitudes and behaviour towards recycling and waste re-use (including whether advice is needed on recycling)
  • Establish views towards current property management (in terms of energy and water consumption, recycling etc)
  • Identify training and advice needs to assist with the sustainable management of the household
  • Test appeal of new ideas with regards to sustainability

Mixed methodology applied

The project comprised a mixed methodology approach including a web based survey and telephone interviews. In total:

  • 542 respondents completed the online survey
  • 100 telephone interviews were conducted with residents that had not yet completed the online survey via Qa Research’s in-house contact centre

Following the survey and submission of a draft quantitative report, Qa organised six focus groups whose aim was to identify and explore tenant priorities in terms of the support, information, guidance and pro-activity they want from Thames Valley Housing in relation to sustainability.

Key findings

The research outcomes will be used to inform the development of a sustainability strategy and identify the key areas to prioritise with regards to changing the behaviour of tenants.
What the client said about the research:

Stephen Beckett Doyle of Thames Valley Housing said, “I found Qa Research excellent to work with. They also worked really well with our residents. One resident on leaving a workshop stated, ‘that was the best workshop I have attended’.”

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