Syndicated Research for the Legal Profession

Greater Outputs and Depth of Findings

When the York legal profession wanted to find out more about how the local public viewed them, they commissioned syndicated research from Qa Research.

By syndicating the research, the cost of completing the work was shared between a number of local firms and the outputs and depth of findings available were greater than would ordinarily be possible for each client’s financial outlay. The results from the standardised portion of the survey were made available to all participating firms, while others were only made available to individual firms. This was to protect some of the more commercially sensitive data, while still ensuring that participating firms could measure their own performance against that of their competitors.

Understanding Brand Awareness, Image Perception and How Legal Services are Chosen

More than 200 face-to-face interviews were conducted with a representative sample of York residents, aged over 25, with each participating company able to choose at least two bespoke questions. Topics covered included:

  • Awareness of local firms
  • Prompted awareness of advertising (company / source)
  • Brand association
  • Legal services used in last 3 years
  • Legal firms used in last 3 years
  • Reasons for choosing firms used
  • Satisfaction with firms used
  • Most important criteria when choosing a solicitor (for those non-users over last 3 years)

Looking to the Future

When Qa presented their report they highlighted significant differences between sub-groups to add further depth to the analysis. Findings covered:

  • Satisfaction ratings amongst those who had used a York solicitor recently
  • A comparison of those satisfaction ratings with a 2008 national survey
  • An account of the effectiveness or otherwise of marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Which local media sources were most readily remembered
  • An analysis of which sub-groups had used  specific  legal services
  • A comparison of the most important factors used when choosing a solicitor and which of those could be most readily acted upon by the legal profession
  • An analysis of brand association that pointed to a “gap in the market” that could be exploited by a legal firm wishing to change or strengthen its profile.

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