Tackling ‘worklessness’ in Wrexham

Despite a steady rise in employment over the last decade, parts of Northern England, Wales and Scotland are still prone to high rates of long-term worklessness. Now QA has been asked to investigate and report back on economic inactivity in an area which is trying to tackle this problem: Wrexham.

Past intervention activity for economically inactive residents has been piece-meal and uncoordinated, leading to over-targeting of support in some areas and a lack of provision in others. Wrexham is trying to overcome this problem by ensuring interventions are properly coordinated.

Qa will map economic inactivity in Wrexham, identifying the support available to economically inactive groups, highlighting gaps in provision, and providing recommendations for support service development.

The council and its local partners will also have the opportunity to discuss the findings of our mapping study during a special workshop. The session will include a presentation of key findings and a discussion about the best ways to improve support to disadvantaged groups.

For more information contact Nick Williams on 01904 632039 or e-mailnick.williams@qaresearch.co.uk