The importance of researching perceptions of place

Place branding research specialist Nick How has informed the development and implementation of place branding strategies across the UK.

Now a forthcoming conference paper from Nick is to explain the importance of researching perceptions of place.

Using proven tips for place branding and marketing research Nick will outline why researching perceptions is the first step on the road to gaining a competitive advantage for any city, area or region.

His tips will include:

  • Never presume you know what people think about your city, area or region – ask them
  • Tell people about the research – and why it is important
  • Look for best practice examples of research – and think about how you can apply the findings to your circumstances
  • Avoid the template one-size-fits-all approach – what works for one city, area or region may not necessarily work for you

To illustrate his case Nick will draw on his considerable perceptions research experience.

Examples will include the city which wanted to differentiate itself from its southern competitors and become a premier base for living, working and visiting; and the northern city with a positive desire to emerge from Manchester’s shadow and celebrate the best of its local heritage.

“Place Branding – The Importance of Researching Perceptions of Place” is presented by Nick How at the 2008 LARIA conference on Thursday 3rd April.

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