Triumph Bras – Rosenthal Research / Psyma Marketing – Triumph Bra in-store interviews

Psyma Marketing was responsible for re-branding the packaging on Triumph’s Classic line of bras. They supplied some of the newly packaged bras to selected stores in York and Bournemouth to test customer reaction to the packaging.

Qa was commissioned to conduct face to face interviews with customers browsing in the Triumph section of the lingerie department to see how they felt about the new packaging. We spent three days interviewing in Bournemouth and seven days interviewing in Browns Department Store in York. The interviews were conducted on an iPad and the data transmitted directly to Rosenthal Research for analysis.

Qa subsequently completed five 40 minute in-depth interviews with customers recruited in-store in York to understand customers’ attitudes to lingerie buying and their opinions about different products. Qa designed the interview script and provided full write-ups of all interviews along with a summary report of the key findings to support the quantitative data from the in-store surveys.

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