Business Barometer tracking survey for UKinbound

In order to help UKinbound promote the interests of its members and facilitate growth of the inbound tourism sector, Qa delivers the bi-monthly Business Barometer Survey of UKinbound members. The survey provides timely findings used for lobbying, publicity and PR by UKinbound and a useful barometer for members to compare their business performance to.

Background and aims

UKinbound, a leading trade association, represents the interests of UK inbound tourism businesses, including tour operators, attractions, accommodation and service providers. Previously undertaken internally, the Business Barometer Survey was re-introduced in March 2015, and Qa has been commissioned to undertake it from this time. Each wave of the survey uncovers the state of business by capturing business levels and bookings in the previous two months, expectations for the next two months and key factors in enabling or prohibiting growth. In addition ‘hot topic’ questions can be included, for example; the single most important initiative the newly elected government could implement (March 2015), the impact of the National Living Wage (Nov 2015) and the impact of Brexit (May 2016).

Undertaking the research

As a frequently undertaken business monitor, sent out bi-monthly to all 550 members of UKinbound, it is important that the survey is perceived as relevant. The questionnaire is deliberately short and designed to be easy to fill in, with the findings regularly reported back to members so they can see the value in taking part.


Reports and presentations of the findings are designed for and distributed to multiple stakeholders. Qa produces a bi-monthly report of findings in PowerPoint, which is uploaded to the member area of the UKinbound website. Six-monthly updates are presented by Qa to the UKinbound Board, employees and c.150 members at UKinbound General Meetings in London. Qa also presents a summary of the overall findings at the UKinbound annual conference.

The business barometer allows UKinbound to:

  • Generate PR stories that raise the profile of the inbound tourism sector
  • Lobby Government to change policy to grow inbound tourism
  • Inform national tourism bodies of inbound sector performance
  • Advise members on key growth markets & how to penetrate them
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue with the inbound market on how to improve


What the researcher said: 

Tom Ratcliffe, Senior Research Executive at Qa said: “This piece of research has provided UKinbound with significant evidence on current matters in the tourism industry and the findings are shared with all members of the organisation; allowing members to understand the current state of the industry”

What the client said:

Deirdre Wells at UKinbound said: “We have been really impressed with the work of Qa Research on our Business Barometer. The team have developed a high quality product which produces an engaging informative report, which has been welcomed by members and stakeholders alike”


Tom Ratcliffe (Senior Research Executive), for more information: or 01904 632039