Vision and strategy development research

Developing a new corporate vision and strategy

For over fifty years Ventures has provided Christian residential holiday breaks for young people aged 8 to 18. With increased demands on the time of volunteers and increased competition to attract young people, Ventures trustees commissioned research to inform the development of a new vision and strategy for the future.

Understanding the Ventures offer and audience

Qa were instructed to carry out research with key Ventures groups:

  • Overall Leaders
  • Youth leaders
  • Parents
  • Young people

Specific research objectives included:

  • Assessing perceptions of Ventures
  • Understanding the motivations / barriers for being an Overall / Youth leader
  • Rating Ventures in terms of value for money
  • Understanding what motivates parents to send children on a Ventures residential camp and who makes the final decision
  • Encouraging children and young people to rate different elements / experiences offered on a Venture residential camp
  • Rating the appeal of potential future developments
  • Capturing suggestions for change / improvement

The research was conducted using a combination of quantitative online surveys and qualitative depth telephone interviews. Separate surveys were designed for parents / guardians, young people, youth leaders and Overall Leaders. Over 1,000 surveys and 36 depth interviews were completed.

Building on the findings

Following this detailed quantitative and qualitative research, Ventures has the opportunity to devise a new corporate vision and strategy which addresses the challenges the organisation faces and is in step with the needs of its likely audiences.

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