Visitor conversion research

Evaluating the effectiveness of your visitor guide

Visitor guides which fail to deliver a return on visitors and revenue are increasingly under threat from alternative marketing methods such as e-marketing. Commissioning research which evaluates these guides can provide recommendations for their development.

Bradford District visitor guide conversion research

Qa Research was approached by Bradford Tourism to evaluate the effectiveness of the Bradford District visitor guide by conducting research with enquirers and measuring how many visited the area as a direct result of the guide.

The key objectives of the research included:

  • Understanding motivations for ordering a guide
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the guide in generating visits
  • Establishing the enquirer and visitor profile: age, origin, repeat visitor, employment, family status
  • Revealing a pattern of visitor behaviour: length of stay, transport, number of trips
  • Assessing satisfaction levels with accommodation, attractions and the city centre
  • Determining the potential economic impact on the local economy
  • Gauging the likelihood of future visiting and impact of the campaign

Qa posted over 1500 surveys to enquirers, handled the returns, analysed the data and compared the findings with research conducted in 2006 and 2007.

Preparing for the future

Bradford Tourism has now robust information on which to judge the success of its latest visitor guide. This evidence provides detailed information on enquirer behaviour and attitudes and will inform the development of future visitor guides.

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