Visitor destination research

Planning with the customer in mind

Tourism businesses looking to plan for the future need information about their customers. Visitor surveys can build up an invaluable customer profile and highlight emerging trends businesses should be aware of.

Cumbria Tourism Visitor Survey Research 2006

Qa Research worked in partnership with Arkenford Ltd to deliver this large-scale quantitative survey. The aims were to:

  • conduct primary research with visitors to Cumbria
  • develop a bespoke market segmentation model to improve product knowledge and understanding of growth market segments within tourism in Cumbria

Specific objectives within these aims included:

  • providing statistically robust analysis of the profile and characteristics of Cumbria’s visitors
  • assessing differences in visitor type and behaviour at both county and district authority level
  • understanding visitor attitudes and motivations towards Cumbria
  • comparing changes in visitor needs, profiles and behaviour with previous research
  • identifying Cumbria’s own market segments to assess current and future product/market fit

A total of 1500 face-to-face surveys were completed by Qa’s in-house fieldwork team. Over 1,000 UK postcodes were also collected, allowing the data to be segmented using Cameo, a postcode-based profiling package.

A better grasp of customer behaviour and profiles

Cumbria Tourism now knows visitors to Cumbria are holidaying for longer than ever before and significantly more are using the internet to book their visit. These are just two of the main findings from research which is already helping Cumbria Tourism to identify new product and marketing opportunities.

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