Young people and sport

Giving young people a sporting chance

Encouraging young people to re-engage with education and realise their potential is a challenge for policy makers. The evaluation of a project which uses sport to influence young people’s future career paths suggests imaginative local initiatives could be the answer.

South Yorkshire Professional Sports and Education (ProSportEd)


Qa Research undertook an external evaluation to assess the impact and usefulness of ProSportEd

To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the projectProSportEd uses sport in a variety of educational settings to promote re-engagement and enterprise activities, run workshops and provide information on post-16 qualifications and employment opportunities. Qa Research undertook an external evaluation to assess the impact and usefulness of ProSportEd. The evaluation had four key aims:

  1. To assess the performance of the project co-ordinator and the advisory group
  2. To evaluate the project in the context of future plans
  3. To determine whether the need to continue the project existed

The first phase of the evaluation was a desk research exercise into:

  • local activity reports
  • evaluation forms from two major re-engagement initiatives
  • reports from the Sport Enterprise Challenge 2005/2006 Enterprise Through Sport Pilot Scheme and Education Pilot Projects
  • the ProSportEd website

In-depth telephone interviews were then conducted with the project co-ordinator and members of the local advisory group to explore their perceptions of the project, progress towards key milestones, and barriers to involvement with ProSportEd. Supporting the future development of ProSportEd Interim and final reports highlighting the project’s successes and including recommendations for the future development of the ProSportEd scheme were recently completed.

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